The Cat's Back, Black Mountains. copyright Richard Williams

Little Birch hedge surveyors

Neighbourhood planning - Ledbury by Terry Rook



Help us protect Herefordshire's Countryside


Join Us in standing up for Herefordshire’s countryside

Herefordshire Countryside - Dinedor camp - copyright Barbara  Bromhead-wragg

Herefordshire's Countryside

A beautiful and living countryside, accessible to all, has always been valuable; in tough economic times, and with people facing growing stresses in their lives, it is priceless…
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Intensive Poultry Units

Intensive Poultry Units (IPUs) continue to increase in Herefordshire. HCPRE have many concerns: pollution to water courses, increased traffic on rural roads & the cumulative impact to Herefordshire's environment…
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Planning Policy - Hereford viewed from Dinedor Camp 2006


Planning decisions affect us all, yet local people often have very little input…

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Polytunnels - winter view at Walford, Ross on Wye


Whilst the number of large-scale soft fruit growers who use polytunnels to extend the season in Herefordshire might be comparatively few, the effect upon the landscape, particularly the Wye Valley AONB, is substantial…
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Campaigning to Protect Herefordshire’s Countryside

NEXT MEETING: 13th February 2018

This meeting shall be held at the RVS Centre, Vicarage Road, Hereford, 11am to 1pm.
Members and prospective members welcome.
Please email to enable us to gauge numbers.

CPRE Herefordshire is an environmental charity that campaigns to retain all that is best in rural Herefordshire, whilst supporting farming, rural business, the building of sustainable communities, rural transport and affordable housing within the wider infrastructure needs of the countryside. Read more...