The Value of A Landscape

Herefordshire Wye Valley AONBA beautiful and living, accessible to all, countryside has always been valuable; in tough economic times, and with people facing growing stresses in their lives, it is priceless.

The beauty and tranquillity of Herefordshire is a draw for residents and visitors alike; embracing varied landscapes from the heights of the Cat’s Back to the river Wye amongst the fertile lowlands, the county is truly a place to walk, reflect & enjoy. 

Two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are partly within Herefordshire: the Wye Valley in the southeast of the county and the Malvern Hills on its eastern boundary.

CPRE Herefordshire believes that much more of the county deserves protection through AONB designation, in particular the hills of western Herefordshire bordering Wales. We will continue to argue the case for designation with Herefordshire Council and Natural England.

Herefordshire has one of the highest proportions of Grade 1 & 2 agricultural land in England. At a time of growing global demand for food and other products of the land, this is a resource of national importance and should be protected accordingly.

Herefordshire Hedgerows

Herefordshire is rich in diverse hedgerows, often containing substantial trees.Discover more about the county’s hedges…
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