Roads in Herefordshire

Herefordshire Councils draft Core Strategy includes plans for two major road developments: Read more on the SLR on our planning page

Hereford Outer Distributor Road 

We still consider that the case for the Hereford relief road has not yet been established. In particular we draw attention to the following: 

a. In the absence of an Infrastructure Development Plan it is impossible to judge whether the relief road, and all the other new infrastructure necessary to support the proposed housing numbers, can be funded, 

b. In combination with increased housing in and around Hereford and the traffic this will generate, the relief road will not, according to the Council's own studies, reduce congestion on the city's roads. The reduction in the housing requirement may ease this, but only slightly. Has the Council recalculated its traffic figures on the basis of the Revised Preferred Option? 

c. Improvements to public transport - desirable in their own right - should be attempted first. It is no excuse to argue that the Highways Agency will not permit measures such as bus lanes on a trunk road: has the Council tried to persuade the Agency, or if necessary go over the Agency's head to central Government, to waive this policy in view of the strategic importance of transport improvements in Hereford? 

d. While we welcome the adjustment to the south-west alignment of the relief road, we think that the route still has a serious adverse impact on the historic parkland and the setting of listed buildings at Belmont and on the Wye riverside landscape, so further adjustment would be essential if the road were to go ahead. 

Leominster southern by pass

The Council wishes to build a new road round Leominster from the B4361 Hereford road to the A44 south of Baron’s Cross. CPRE Herefordshire believes it takes in far too much land, which will then be vulnerable to further development. CPRE believes that this proposed route for the road would be an environmentally damaging encroachment on open countryside and is opposing it. It would be possible to mark out a route for the road that does not go far from exiting settlement boundary.

From the Branch Annual Report Autumn 2015:

'the main objective of the scheme is to reduce congestion'.
the Council's traffic forecast shows that the average daily volume of vehicles going across the Greyfriars Bridge over the River Wye will be unchanged when the SLR is operational

Read more in the Annual Report