Support CPRE Herefordshire

Herefordshire Beacon, Malvern Hills AONB

There are different ways you can help support our work in Herefordshire.

Join Us

CPRE has contributed a great deal to Herefordshire over the last 79 years, an achievement that has only been possible because of the support of the membership.

All the talk today is of a countryside in crisis, a situation it may be hard to appreciate in this county but the challenges facing Herefordshire today are many, complex and serious. It has never been more important for CPRE to have a large, strong and vocal membership – we need to increase our membership and spread our messages more widely. 

Support from our membership is invaluable.

Take Action

Follow the links to take action in standing up for Herefordshire's countryside.

Not a CPRE member?

By adding us to your favouritesand following the latest issues, you can still support us in protect the Herefordshire, by clicking on the take action links.
By doing this and forwarding the information to your contacts, you can help our work.


Other support in the form of volunteering is always welcome.

  • If you feel passionately about protecting the Herefordshire landscape and can spare time in the week, maybe you could volunteer your time and experience for our executive or policy committees?
  • You may only be able to spare an hour a week. Why not help support our planning team (P.L.A.N.)?
  • You can only help periodically. Why not help with occasional publicity events?

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